Bridge San Louis Rey Somethingorother

Not for me.

You’ve heard of Thorton Wilder, he wrote Our Town.

The Bridge of San Louis Rey is a selection of The Big Read.

A rope bridge in Peru snaps and five people fall to their doom. An Italian priest goes about collecting information about the dead folks in order to prove to himself that God had it in for them. The novel (?!) is written as one chapter for each of the five guys.

Snore Fest.

I found it to be patronizing to both reader and character. The narrator is omniscient, knows everything there is to know about the characters and tells the reader every single sordid detail about these sad sacks because the characters are obviously too pathetic to tell their own story.

Eye-rolling pompous blurbs like “few have delved deeper into the human heart” just set my teeth on edge.


Blah. This won the Pulitzer Prize.

Next for me on The Big Read Big Plan is Into The Beautiful North by Louis Alberto Urrea.



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