Elves vs Dwarves and a love triangle.

Ahh… Raise your hand if you cannot remember a single solitary woman in the whole of The Hobbit.


Ummm… Raise your hand if you’re totally entranced by this character who can rescue both by healing and by violence.

Err. Raise your hand if you’re up for a re-read of a sorely needed re-read of The Hobbit.

I liked the depiction of the dragon. I don’t remember this convoluted business of starting up a mountain size forge and revealing a gold king. I thought Bilbo just pissed him off and Smaug took off to destroy Laketown? I need to re-read.

The spider scene was cool. I remember reading this sequence as a rather coming of age for Bilbo: “oh heck. I’m tougher than I thought and I am able to do this thing.” It’s beautifully portrayed but rather down played in the movie. Mis-remembered or what was your perception?

Discussion, please.

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9 thoughts on “Elves vs Dwarves and a love triangle.

  1. Your memory of the book is entirely correct. The Hobbit is my favorite book of ever, and so my relationship with the movies is a complicated one. Many of my favorite things about the books (Bilbo’s character growth tackling the spiders is among them) did not make it into the movie, and yet the things that have been added (beyond the Sauron material coming in from other Tolkien sources) are enjoyable to watch. If I see it as a movie of the book, I’m disappointed. If I see it as a movie of the events that were retold in the book, I’m much more satisfied.

    • I was immensely impressed with Martin Freeman in this film. He speaks volumes with his small mannerisms. Every time he squished his face or wiggled his hand or whatever, it was like secret code for “there’s a whole huge amount of emotional set up and internal dialogue going on right here”.

      Yes, I’m taking the film as a film and not a visual representation of the book, they’re such huge and glorious and beautiful movies.

      One thing that strangely did Transkei was Gandalf’s errand. I remember reading the book and thinking “what the heck is Gandalf doing? I don’t understand and well I guess it doesn’t matter to the main story here too much.” The way they split Gandalf’s scenes off, using a different filming pace and …patina(?) conveyed to me that same sense of Gandalf Has Lots of Other More Important Things to Do.

  2. I haven’t seen the second movie yet but after seeing the first, and enjoying it for the most part, I’ve decided that I need to think of these movies as movies and not a book adaptation because these movies seem to have little to do with the book I so fondly remember. Anyway, I’m still looking forward to seeing it because I love this world and they happen to be, in my opinion, visually stunning movies. Jackson may have left most of the actual story on the floor in favor of other more interesting action plots but I think he makes some great movies.

    Also, on a totally different sort of rant, why does it have to be three movies!? It’s not working for me on that level at all. I remember this being an animated one hour video as a kid and now there’s all this extra story and it’s kinda ruined a childhood memory. Oh well.

    • It’s got to be three movies so they can give justice to the mountain of treasure that Smaug is sitting on! ;)

      You’ll like this one, I think. The filming was really spectacular, I think. I loved frozen, dank, rotting Laketown. What a hovel. That was especially nicely done. And Mirkwood was incredible.

      Do you like watching these in 3-D?

  3. I have very mixed feelings with both films. The rational part of me says they’re excellent movies, well made and impressive to watch. I like that they’ve brought into the story the peripheral elements and I see the need to see what else was going on in Middle earth at the same time as the Hobbit was having his adventure. But, on the other side I can’t see why the actual Hobbit’s story has had to be changed so fundamentally. Not only bringing in ‘she elves’ who we haven’t heard of before (and actually I quite enjoyed her character) but changing the basic plotlines – such as four of the dwarves being left behind and not even making it to the mountain! Annoying.

    • Heh! Yea, that’s what was bothering me so much, I couldn’t remember all these characters and plot points in the book. Which is too bad, really, because Wossername is really awesome.

      Did you like the barrel riding scene? That was humorous, very slapstick, reminded me of Looney Tunes.

      • The barrel riding is so funny. Everyone was laughing in the cinema. I kind of don’t mind that elements of the tale are changed – just when it’s something quite fundamental. Tauriel?? I think. I liked her – even though I suppose she’s a token gesture for us females. I wouldn’t have been annoyed if she hadn’t been included for example but I’m glad she was. Although the romance with the dwarf element felt a bit off key. The thing with the ‘she elf’ – and this is a potential SPOILER (even though all speculation on my part of course!) as she’s not included in the LoTR does that mean she’s going to disappear at the end of the story?? Does she die, or maybe leave middle earth with the other elves. I just don’t remember any mention of her before but perhaps she was in some of the other material Tolkien wrote?
        Lynn :D

  4. I like the addition of Tauriel to the films. We all know there were male and female elves and so its not wildly out of the realm of possibility that a character like Tauriel existed anyway. I think she adds a nice element to this story and I’m glad the filmmakers decided to create this character.

    I plan to re-read The Hobbit at some point, but I’ve only read the book once, barely remember it, and am thus enjoying experiencing the films largely spoiler-free.

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