A New Holiday Read.

Polterheist by Laura Resnick

This is an amusing and quick read for the holidays. Its simple and fast paced plot performs well under the pressure of bottled holiday cheer and family interactions.

Esther Diamond is an actress working as a holiday elf in the biggest, most obnoxious department store in NYC. Fenster’s has their entire fourth floor dedicated to every holiday that occurs between July and January around the globe, which makes for an even more insane marketing mess than your average overblown, over-marketed holiday mess.

In the midst of the shift-changing Santas and Diwalii lights, it would appear that the freight elevator is eating people.

This is not Esther’s first adventure but it’s my first Esther Diamond novel, and being mid-series doesn’t hinder its readability. The next on the schedule and the holiday calendar is Misfortune Cookie, taking place during… you got it… Chinese New Year.

I hope everyone’s holidays and family gatherings are well and happy. Be safe my friends, and read on.

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6 thoughts on “A New Holiday Read.

    • Weeellll… I wasn’t going to mention the cover because I thought it somehow superfluous, but seeing as how the cover is what attracted me to buy the book…

      Dos Santos does a beautiful job with this one, especially with the color scheme, choosing that non-specific-winter-holiday ice blue. He also does the one for the next in the series.

  1. No! You always have to mention the cover – it’s one of the first rules (well, I just made that up but that’s because I’m a sucker for covers and the one above looks excellent)!!
    The book sounds like good fun too! Not sure if it’s meant to be good fun or not??
    Lynn :D

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