Give me a Break

Give Me a Break
By David Belt copyright 2014

Last week, I announced the completion of my first novel, and put forth the conundrum of what to do next. I am very appreciative of the support and advice I received, and I have endeavored to press forward in earnest.

To that end, in the last week, I conducted an exhaustive amount of research, wrote and submitted a short story, drafted the chapter outline of my next book, and generated a query letter for the current book. And now I say, “Enough!”

Quite literally, my back hurts from the strain, and I reminded that I am irrefutably human. While the literary world is limitless, I am not. We all have our limits, of which we are often reminded in our failures, but sometimes we claim foresight enough to see the limitation and make correction before the breaking point.

I am at that point. Today, I walked away from my computer, during a time when I would otherwise be working on some literary venture, sat down in the ship’s library, and picked up a book.

This will be my task for the next week, and this will be my break from all that plagues me. Pick up a book and fear not the world, for it means no more harm to you than you mean to visit upon it. Take some time to read. Take some time for yourself. Just plain take a break. Not to mention, the most important reason for reading a book: Because it’s there.


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