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Extreme insistence on hyper-correct English usage has previously been discussed (There! Split verb form!)Language here on DarkCargo, the consensus being moderate resistance to pedantry while supporting general good usage.

Stephen Fry, who has obviously been the target of such demands more than once in his career, has delivered the all-time greatest response.

The graphic artist, Matt Rogers, also did a splendid job.


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Paula S. Jordan is an Analog writer, former orbit analyst, and a blogger, with a an alien contact novel in third draft. It’s all her dad’s fault: giving her that science fiction book at seven years old!

2 thoughts on “Language

  1. More than once I’ve had someone tell me I “talk weird” and must “read some weird books”. I tell them I make it a challenge to use odd words in regular everyday speech that I read in a book or heard somewhere, like”indeed” and “rubbish”. My favorite lately is from the Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarian adventures.

  2. Thanks for your comments, LOWM, this post and others. I enjoy reading them.

    I like the unusual words too. Perfectly good words that have somehow not made it into primetime. I also like to hook together a hyphenated chain of them. My favorite to date:

    The even-meaner-than-you-thought streets of Chicago

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