From Query to Inspiration

From Query to Inspiration

By David Belt copyright 2014

Two weeks ago, I learned the two most dreaded words in a writer’s vocabulary: Query Letter.

For those who don’t know, a query letter is what a writer submits to a prospective agent or publisher before submitting the manuscript.  A writer may have a Pulitzer worthy manuscript, but without a solid query letter, it is likely no one is ever going to read it.  Thus, I have bled over this 200 word document of condemnation for the last two weeks.  Many mutterings, curses, and revisions have progressed the letter from bad to okay to good.

For now, I am done with it.  The letter is by no means finished, but I have set it aside in favor of a new project.

Leona Wisoker has long been a friend, supporter, and professional confidant with her writing expertise and brutally honest critiques.  I can now add to her list: muse.  While reviewing a draft of the my query letter, she inadvertently gave me an idea for a new book series, set in the same world as my current novel, but told from an entirely different perspective with an all new cast of very different characters.

As I said in my article Infinite Inspiration in Infinite Perspectives, there are no limits as to how or where inspiration may come from or travel to, but when inspiration does come knocking, one must either let it go or follow where it may lead.  This one, I am not letting go.

I plan to write both series alternatively and see which works better.  Maybe they will both help each other.

Thank you again to all who have helped me, and I will let you know how this new project turns out.

One thought on “From Query to Inspiration

  1. Good going, David, both with the query letter effort (a tough, tough requirement) and the new idea. I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone coming up with a stellar inspiration (as yours certainly seems to be) while sweating over a query letter.

    I especially like the idea of working on the two series alternately. Best of luck with it!

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