The Perils of Shelf-Reading

One of the many tasks of your friendly average librarian is to do the routine shelf-read, which is to check all the call numbers in a row to make sure they are in order. I had to learn to focus on the Dewey Decimal system while doing this task, not to get distracted by the titles. The distractionation really depends on the topic. You’ll find me snoozing, drooling on the shelf in the 612s: Nursing and Health. But sometimes the books, the BOOKS! sometimes they are just too much.

Here’s some I found interesting, (which I have refrained from checking out and lugging around, thank you very much):

this list is hyperlinked to Amazon and WorldCat, depending on which system had a photo of the cover.

The World of Odysseus, M. I. Finley
Manetho: translated by W. G. Waddell
Europe in the Central Middle Ages, 962-1154, Christopher Brooke
Minoans: Life in Bronze Age Crete, Rodney Castleden
The Road to Ubar: finding the Atlantis of the Sands, Nicholas Clapp
Sheba: searching for the legendary queen, Nicholas Clapp
Sailing from Byzantium: how a lost empire shaped the world, Colin Wells

8 thoughts on “The Perils of Shelf-Reading

  1. Being a librarian would be my ‘dream’ job and ‘nightmare’ all rolled into one. I wouldn’t get any work done as I would just be reading – snippets from every book! Well, probably not from the shelf with the 612’s.
    Lynn :D

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