Re-Read Central

Ah! Quiet time.

Many of you know, the last several months have just been non-stop action packed adventure for me.

Sitting down to read –at all– has been a real struggle, and sitting down to read a new novel is just “too much”.

What it is, I realized, is that I don’t have the energy required to get to know new characters, come to learn a new author’s writing style, trust that a book is going to resolve in a way that makes the time investment worthwhile. Can I handle the heartbreak if this book bombs part way through?

Ah! Can’t handle it right now. Drama queen.

But what about some of my faves, eh? I already know that I love these stories, I know what’s going to happen and who’s going to bite it and who’s falling in love with whom.

Therefore, I invite you to Re-Read Central.

January I re-read Barbara Hambly’s Children of the Jedi. Currently I’m working through her Darwath trilogy which starts with Time of the Dark.

What’s next in my secure little world of re-reads? Let’s see…
Tanya Huff Valor series
Jennifer Roberson Cheysuli series
Kristen Britain’s fifth in her Green Rider series is coming out in May, so I’ll need to re-read at least Blackveil, right?
Sharon Shinn Twelve Houses series, starting with Mystic and Rider

Whee! What else can I throw on this list?

This is what my reading place looks like right now: hiding from the world under the covers and inside a fantasy novel. This one is The Walls of Air via Kindle Paperwhite. Big baby! :)

12 thoughts on “Re-Read Central

  1. Did you change into a cat so that you’d have night vision! That is an excellent plan…
    Goes away to brew a concoction…. fails … opens bottle of wine. :D
    Lynn :D

  2. Re-reading has always been a comfort thing for me too. There are some re-reading favorites I default to when I feel stressed.
    Snuggling with a cat helps with stress too, I understand. :)

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