Re-read central again with gusto this time

Ok. Had an idea.

I’ve been getting Book Club Postcards about ya’ll’s interests in re-reading your faves after my post about being too drama queen to read anything new.

Additionally, some dipshit has been buying multiple copies of old faves to re-read. (*ahem*)

So! :) genius idea… Drumroll…

Pick a book (or twelve) to re-read within the next twelve ( or 24) months. Discuss on your blog with one, two, 47, posts. Pick up extra copies when you find them at book sales or wherever and mail them (like in a package, yo, with a stamp) to whomever* expresses an interest.

Note the effort as “re-read central”.

The end.

Spread the booky love.

Don’t necessarily involve me or ask permission or “how to”… You all know how this book love thing is done. You don’t need me! I will likely not have head space to respond to it all but if you can, post a link in the commentary please or tag me on tweeterz, it would be fun for me to watch the posts and packages exchange.

*gaugh! Is there a plural for “whom”? Whom as in “many”, like “send a whole bunch of frikking books to a whole buncha different people.”20140318-231101.jpg

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