RavenCon is FriendsCon in 2014

For me, there’s a frenzied anticipation for seeing all of my people at RavenCon: I want Paula’s advice on All The Things, I’ve been toting around my standard eleventy billion questions for Jonah, I want to know about Chuck’s rehearsals and comic shop, I want Bert to tell me all about his SCA adventures, wait! Lou is selling stories? Tell me about this! What is Danny working on nowadays?

I know that everyone else is just as excited to spend time amongst the mingling lot of us, complete with questions and the million things to catch up on.

We’re all another year older, grey hairs and wrinkles are starting to gang up on us. The Parker kids are all two feet taller. Most of us work new jobs, perhaps live in a new city, our bodies function differently than they did last year, or otherwise we each of us have new self-identities.

And yet.

We get there, everyone is gathered in the atrium, and it’s just that comfortable, contented quiet amongst friends, taking refreshment and renewal in the solid presence of one another.

That was RavenCon for me this year.

photography by Colleen’s shortest



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