Mouse Guards through OhioLINK

I’m supposed to be studying Windows Operating Systems and the seven layers of… something… networking… something. Blah blah.

But Jambolaya and I are taking a break to re-read Mouse Guards. (Re-Read Central!)

I’ve been meaning to tell you about OhioLINK, and Mouse Guards gives me an opportunity to do so. Ohio is this huge super center of librarians who come up with genius ideas like, oh, the Dewey Decimal System (it’s patented?!) and WorldCat. I think it’s because one of the few schools who offer a certified Master of Information and Library Science is in Ohio. Someone has this spark “oh hey this would be nice if…” And they also have the capacity and leadership to follow it through.

Living here in the lap of library luxury, I’ve requested Mouse Guards 1152 through OhioLINK. This is a network of ohio academic library catalogs linked together loaning materials to all the libraries on the network.


Part of the daily routine at the morning job is to process: send out and accept these OhioLINK materials. They come in daily on a truck serviced by a third party delivery service. It’s quite the elegant system, updating our catalog instantly when someone across the state requests one of our books.

Being effectively one library, any of our patrons can get almost anything- but not quite. There are some materials which are in special collections or on course reserve or other special status. For example? No one has a copy of Elizabeth Bear’s
Hammered. How rude. Or Barbara Hambly’s Time of the Dark. hrmph.

Being academic libraries, the rabbit holes are frequent and deep, and I end up requesting a lot of books that I simply scan and think “gee whilikers, those medieval Arabs in Spain were amazing poets!”

I currently have borrowed, um, over twenty books from different libraries all over the state. *wince* but I’m actually reading this one. :)

2 thoughts on “Mouse Guards through OhioLINK

    • It’s Mouse Guards by David Petersen. There are at least two collected volumes of the comic. The first one is called “fall: 1152”. The premise is mouses have a teeny mouse civilization and the Mouse Guards are the defenders of the realm.

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