Badging Quest

Getting the badge is always a game of its own.

“Wrong line go over there…”

“Not this line either find a guy named S____ he has all your stuff…”

Down the dark hallway:

Past the giant mechanioids still in pieces:

“Not here but over there…”


Ah! Familiar faces!


Victory! I have conquered!


3 thoughts on “Badging Quest

    • Hi Lynn! Hah-hah! In this case, I am One of Many. The board game club has a lending library and the members of the club have the opportunity to check the games in and out in exchange for a weekend pass.

  1. Woohoo! GAME MASTER!! and only crap, Origins looks freakin huge!

    the only game I am qualified to run is Ticket to Ride. yes, lame, but my favorite.

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