“Very few people know how to listen. Their haste pulls them out of the conversation, or they try internally to improve the situation, or they’re preparing what their entrance will be when you shut up and it’s their turn to step on stage.”
-from Smilla’s Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg

big dumb summer movies

one of my many amusements is to embarrass my husband in public by loudly declaring all of the movies I have not watched in all of my forty years.

so! what SF/ F movies go on our July, September and August list?

i have seen:
Star Wars
Harry Potters allof’em
lord of them rings
Indiana Jones
aaaaaand! Reign of Fire (my fave).

It’s actually very likely that I have not seen…whatever. I haven’t seen Top Gun or Dirty Dancing, for example. Or the one about pod people.

I have of course seen The Last Unicorn, The Rats of NIMH, and Romancing the Stone.

What am I missing from my SFF literacy?

Here he asks: have you seen Jaws? “no.”


The Arte of the Booke

Here’s a crafts woman who knows her shtuff. Nancy Hulan creates handmade journals from parchment (like… parchment), leather and high-quality papers. She also does calligraphy and illumination, the quality and detail of which make my eyes water. She takes her designs from Medieval Europe, recreating techniques and carrying them forward to encompass illuminated maps of fantasy lands from the 20th century. Anyone need an illuminated calligraphic map of the Mountains of Madness?

I gave her all my money when I found her in the vendor room at RavenCon. The books she made hold up to snuff. They lie flat, they don’t crack or break, they can be re-filled when I choose to do so (with some hand stitching, I mean), and they’re just – er – very very nice. Practical, useful and beautiful.

I’ve never seen craftsmanship at this level of mastery. I was absolutely stunned.

Hulan’s scrap calligraphy on parchment makes the cover of one of the books I purchased. 20140623-152105-55265781.jpg
A leather bound notebook reinforced with wood, not cardboard, makes a great companion into my own craft workshop for notes and ideas. 20140623-152210-55330319.jpg

Here. Don’t drown in your own drool. Buy yourself something nice.

Mid-Series Burnout

Do you experience a crash and burn in the middle of a fantasy or SF series?

I’m half way through the second of a trilogy and am having trouble picking it back up. Normally a slow reader, this experience is really dragging me.

Urrr! I feel so guilty! I like to books, the characters, the plot development and most especially the writing. Worst is that I genuinely think it’s a series Darkcargo readers will enjoy, and thus I have extra pressure to get it read.

Three Hit Games at Origins 2014

The Columbus Area Board Game Society set up their lending library at Origins, as they have done for many years. I got to work the library on Friday and Saturday mornings.

These three games were not back on the shelf for two minutes before they were checked out again:
Sail to India, AEG
Splendor, Space Cowboys
Star Realms, White Wizard Games


CABS library, just some of it:


Shadows Over Camelot

Our large group at Origins allowed us the opportunity to play Shadows Over Camelot, a cooperative game for up to eight players, by Days of Wonder.


We are the Knights of the Round Table, playing cooperatively against the board. As many as two of us may be a traitor working from the shadows against the Knights.

There are several quests that we can win or lose to the board.

We played three times, never guessing the traitor correctly.



Origins Game Fair…Fair Warning

What day is it? What day is it?!!?!

All kinds of people are coming to the fair metropolis of Columbus this weekend to enjoy Origins Game Fair with us. Kith and Kin you might say.

(We did this last year too, if you remember a few photos…)

Yours truly was climbing the walls already this morning at work, and got herself evicted from the circulation desk by her co-workers. So! Let’s begin!

I’ll be posting photos of games and costumes over the weekend, ok?