Cross Stitch Obsession: Small Projects Update

There are tons of knitting and crochet sites, and quite a few embroidery blogs. I haven’t found one for cross stitch, so here’s my contribution.
This is my favorite crafty thing to do; I’ve been at it since I was 14. I have a floss collection that rivals some yarn collections, I’ve been told. I have so many WIPs (Work In Progress), and I was inspired by DarkCargo’s idea to just finish things we have laying around, be they books or crafts or whatever. I have about 6 projects going right now. Many more planned! I just finished this one:

(Apologies for it being sideways.) This is by Dimensions (my favorite company! they offer lot of kits like this). It is for my aunt. I taught her to cross stitch last summer and she bought this by mistake. I offered to sew it for her and just finished it yesterday! It didn’t take a whole year to do, more like a couple weeks all together. It was fun, especially the flowers. French knots are so fun. I’ll see her next week and give it to her!

So many of my open projects are gifts for other people. That’s a pretty good motivation for me to finish them. Then I can work on the ones for me! The ones I have for me are pretty epic, since they are big and take forever. One of those will remain a secret, since it’s going to be a surprise. I don’t have to finish it for awhile though, so that’s a relief!

These bats are from a biscornu pattern my friend found, but I’m going to leave it flat. I’m using DMC 4010 thread for it. It’s very subtle and pretty against the black. :-) This is the project I have in my bag all the time. Good stuff.



Thanks to Darkcargo for the idea of just finishing up projects, and using what I have already. It’s a simple state of mind to just be happy with what I have. I’ve saved some money just by not buying anything new and using what I have! It took some digging in the closet, but I was thrilled with all the treasures I found in there.
This has benefits for friends too, since I aquired lots of pretty pink yarn when DarkCargo cleared out her stash! :-D

Last one, Golden Puppy by Dimensions. I might give this to my brother, but I may keep it. I like it too much and I have a better one planned for him, if I can find it. ;-)


Next time, I’ll share how I keep all these organized. Some are portable and some are, well, epic and very not portable!

Goings On

I’m back! DarkCargo was nice enough to let me know about the WordPress app. Voila!No excuses now! This post is mostly for her, to prove I read her emails.
Bubonicon is this weekend, here in Albuquerque. DarkCargo will be going to DragonCon, so between the two of us we’ll have coast to coast con coverage! I’ll post all the things I think are neat-o, including the great costume contest and Doctor Who Apples to Apples! This is the 43rd Bubonicon (so named after the Bubonic plague that can still be found here in NM, but very rarely) and the theme is “steampunk”! People get pretty serious about their costumes, so this year should be fantastic! I’m most excited to see one woman who always dresses as the Joker, but always sticks to the theme. Steampunk Joker?
Once I figure out the picture posting what-not (some sort of tek-nol-o-gee) I’ll do that too. I also have plans to blog about cross stitching, since I think there should be more blogs about that.
More to come! (I promise DarkCargo! I promise!)

Moments of Joy: Herons Doubled

–nrlymrtl, 06/24/2011

I walked the goats down to the lower paddock today, like normal, and had just turned to head back up. I heard this horrible noise and turned to listen better. It sounded like someone trying to use a hacksaw on a metal pipe. Then a heron burst out of the trees. He rarked and croaked and circled, trying to land on this cottonwood tree twice, and failing because he is too heavy. Then he landed at our pond, which is where I usually see him. He stood silent and perfectly still for several long moments. Then he soared upward in one fluid movement and was joined by a second heron.

We had always suspected. Why would a lone heron stay in our valley all these years? But we had never seen two together and never seen a nest. But here they both were and they were magnificent. I think we have a pair of Great Blue Herons. One of these guys nearly plastered himself across our windshield years ago when we were driving over our little bridge at about 30 mph. Scared the poo out of us, because he has a wingspan of about 6 feet and it would not be a sure thing if the car or him would come out the best in that encounter.

The Inaugral AT-HoM-CoN 5k Run Against Zombies

Otherwise known as the @HC-5kRAZ. We all know about the moderately unreasonable but addictive threat that the Zombie Apocalypse poses to all of us. This year AtHome Con (specifically the ‘Pants) is doing a distributed (cloud-running?) 5k to raise everyone’s survival index in case of the potentially-soon Zombiegeddon.

Re: the CDC’s official site for Zombie based Disasters

Remember it is running that matters…not how far or fast.  They are called the  WALKING dead after all.  I choose 5k because its a distance where you might outdistance some of the fresher zombies and definitely some of the soon-to-be-eaten, overweight, business suit extras.

When your turn comes up to roll the Zombie Dice you want to be one of the feet…not one of the brains.

Below is my progress at today’s run: it was a nice run but its the first hot weekend in C-ville. As you can see I ran it with my trusty Terminator Detector, Succotash. Its a pretty nice patch to run, all one road, about half with sidewalk, some hills and only a few trees that will threaten to decapitate you.

You may say “But ‘Pants! I don’t believe in the hypothetical resurrection of the dead and their Desire to eat our delicious brains” Well, I ask you…DO you believe in Navy SEALS or RPG games.  Both are also excellent rationale for running a 5k.

I was watching one of those Discovery Channel shows where they follow a bunch of sadists through Navy SEAL training and they asked the Instructor what the most important skill for a seal to have was.  Was it marksmanship? Swimming? Hand-to-Hand Combat? Sneaky Knifing? NO! the Answer was Running. Why you ask? The instructor said “We we co on an Op we are usually outnumbered 1,000-or-so to 1.  We almost always do our job and then RUN away.”  If its good enough for DEVGRU its good enough for me.

You may also say “I Don’t Wanna Be A Navy SEAL”….my initial impression is “Why Not?”, but calm reflection leads another route of argumentation in the pro- of running.

You ARE the Character in YOUR RPG

If you want to deal with life’s adventures and meet them in truly heroic fashion you need to take care of yourself. I plan on living until technological immortality becomes a done-deal.

I. want. to. live. forever.

True Evil Overload style.  Stay fit, stay strong. Kick the ass of any evil, random encounter that comes your way and we’ll catch you on the Mainframe in 2220.

Zombie Dice, Steve Jackson Games
Runkeeper Pro for IPhone (Highly recommended)
XKCD # 189:Exercise

Joy number Whatever

Deciding not to take it for granted. Standing out in the rain in my 15x15ft backyard that smells like dogshit.

Listening to the frogs and thunder and rain.

This video doesn’t exist

Gold Lamé

Thursday Night on the Town:
Glitter + feathers + funny shoes + stage makeup + dance and music + taffeta + gold lamé + tights + hair-do’s + great expanses of exposed body parts + beer = Burlesque!

Friday Night on the Town:
Glitter + feathers + funny shoes + stage makeup + dance and music + taffeta + gold lamé + tights + hair-do’s + great expanses of exposed body parts + $45 per ticket = Ballet!



This is Small Instances of Joy #8: live performances!

A Jedi Comes to the Rescue

Ok, a little Jedi.

I took this photo from the second floor.

Getting more painting done, and we’ve started work in earnest on the outside of the house now that I’ve hired the right crew (with Jedi).

To correct the age-inflicted troubles with the porch, we'll have to excavate under the posts and re-set them correctly. It has to be "tore up" to be put right. This is the same concept put into use at overpacked conventions--you have to ride the elevator up in order to go down.

Demolition! This little deck was for the pool that we took out a few years back. We've acquired a nice picnic table to put back there behind the fence.

Gawd. This is going to take a hundred coats. No, I didn't pick this color. This was the previous owners' choice.


Just so's you know what a big job it is going to be to take care of the back of the house. UP! Small repairs to the slats, evacuating the birds, washing and staining. It won't be any trouble though, with that little Jedi to help out.