Brave New World Double Feature

One of the magical things about Classic Literature is that it can be read, and re-read, through generations of people. Everyone who reads this piece or that piece takes away something different from the experience. Even as we are different people throughout our own lifetimes, we form different interpretations of the same piece of literature as we read it again.

Guess Which of These Books Aren't in Brave New World

nrlymrtl and I have been friends for nigh two decades. We see eye-to-eye on a lot of the more recently published books. But these classics? Interestingly enough, we’re often in the Blog Bar fighting about some of the YOBC selections. She wasn’t as enamored of Beloved (Toni Morrison) as I was. She loved Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë) but I couldn’t stomach a re-read. And if you mention “Sherlock Holmes” around us, you’ll just get a cat-fight.

Here, for your entertainment, is a Review Double Feature (fortunately for you this review is neither “feely” nor “smelly”). We both read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley for Jan’s YOBC, the selection inspired by LittleRedReviewer’s Vintage Sci-fi Month. I had never read this book before, and nrlymrtl had read it once before in high school. Turns out, after discussion, we actually get pretty much the same reaction out of Brave New World. However, she claims it as a “like” and I as a “dislike”.

(note to parents: there are some concepts below the cut that, if I were a parent, I’d want my kids discussing with me.)

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