Who is Darkcargo?

A darkcargo is a drink ordered by Alex Benedict and Chase Colepath in a swanky spaceport bar, in Jack McDevitt’s Alex Benedict series. (I actually met him at Stellar*Con in 2008. Mr. McDevitt complimented my smile, whereupon I promptly passed out. Duncan had my book signed for me, and dragged my comatose body home from the Con.)

I started Darkcargo.com in response to the oft-repeated sentiment that the publisher knows best what the reader wants to read: every kind of nonsense from “women read romance and men read science fiction” to “readers aren’t too concerned about the copyediting and formatting in their ebooks”. I disagree utterly for all kinds of reasons. My mission statement for Darkcargo is that the Reader knows best what the Reader wants to read, thank you very much.

Darkcargo.com is a multi-authored hodgepodge of lame fan-girl interactions and encounters with authors and books. Some of the regular writers I’m lucky enough to have corralled into this mess that is Darkcargo are Paula S. Jordan, Nrlymrtl, Jonah Knight, David Belt and Kathleen.  Our cumulative interests span the genre-fiction spectrum: science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, romance, horror and mystery.

We attend a few Sci-Fi/Fantasy Conventions, read science fiction and fantasy, do some beta-reading, not many reviews, and perform admirably the difficult task of being the Ultimate Authority in the Universe on what books are worth reading.

We are commonly at RavenCon, StellarCon, and ConCarolinas, and Jonah and Paula usually attend more conventions of different types up and down the East Coast.

Also, I am Antimatter ePress, LLC at http://antimatterepress.wordpress.com/.

And if it really bugs you, this is who you are looking for when you need to complain about the piss-ass photographs, sideways videos and crappy journalism.

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