Hello from Paula S. Jordan

Copyright 2011 Paula S. Jordan It is not my intention to blather pointlessly about myself, but I’ll be putting some words out here about a number of things, including writing, and in case you find an interest in what I will have to say, I think it’s only fair to let you know where I … Continue reading


Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan I have two favorite seasons. Most often I would tell you that fall is my favorite, as deep summery greens take on that rich golden glow that gradually deepens to such amazing hues. But on a spring day like this one … what can I say.  My affections wander, … Continue reading

What’s this about a Blood Moon?

Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan In case you haven’t heard, that “blood moon” that much of the press is talking about today is really a lunar eclipse, caused when the Moon passes through Earth’s shadow early TOMORROW morning, April 15th. According to atmospheric sciences professor Richard Keen of the University of Colorado, as quoted … Continue reading

Gift of the Oneida

Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan A spur-of-the-moment family trip to Washington DC last week brought the opportunity, not only for cherry blossoms (whose slow blooming from day to day was truly beautiful) but also for a long-awaited return visit to the National Museum of the American Indian. The Museum’s collection features arts, crafts, tools … Continue reading

Amazons — More Than Myth?

Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan Were the Amazons a mere figment of Greek Imagination? Perhaps “… a propaganda tool used by the Athenians during times of political stress”? Or “beardless bow-toting Mongoloids” whom the Greeks mistook for women? The Greeks were certainly mystified and alarmed by them and, as Amanda Foreman says in the … Continue reading

The Way It All Began

Copyright 2014 by Paula S. Jordan This week’s post is tougher than I expected. Not because of too little information, but because of so amazingly much of it, so suddenly (from the public’s point of view), on a subject about which human beings might never, ever have learned anything at all. I mean, of course, … Continue reading